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Find reference and research information from online premium databases and internet resources.

Utah's Online Library offers a portal to carefully selected premium databases and internet sites, and creates an information rich site for finding information. The Utah's Online Library's databases include journal articles, magazines, newspapers, books, pictures, biographies, and other research aides that are unavailable on the "free" internet. These databases have been provided through the collaborative efforts of the members of the partnership. And they are available to you in your local public library or in your own home.

What are databases?

Periodical databases are found in the computer reference departments of public, school, and college libraries. These online databases afford the average citizen access to thousands of magazine and newspaper files that would otherwise be unattainable. These databases are a valuable Internet resource because of their depth of coverage, broad audience appeal, and full text potential. Databases offer resources you won't find on the "free" Internet.

  • Coverage 
    It is not easy to find the complete text of articles from journals and newspapers through a general search on the Internet. Older issues are especially difficult to find. Libraries help bridge this gap by investing in collections of electronic databases that provide comprehensive coverage of periodical literature going back several years. These online databases are professionally indexed and include popular magazines as well as research-oriented publications. Chances are higher that you will retrieve accurate and relevant data because consistent terminology and standardized subject headings are used to categorize all of the articles.
  • Audiences Served 
    Some periodical databases specialize in academic or scholarly journals, but many focus on general interest or popular magazines. The wide-ranging needs of children, students, and adults are well-served by the varied databases available in libraries. Learn about the subject coverage of different databases and choose one that is most likely to meet your information needs. By design, databases are easy to use, accepting keywords or terms the searcher is familiar with and accepting special limiters, such as, date ranges or individual magazine titles.
  • Full Text Access 
    An online database search generates a list of articles pertaining to the subject of the search. Generally, the list of articles will reflect a variety of magazine sources. However, a search may be customized and limited to a single magazine or publication title. An abstract or summary is provided to help you judge the content of the article. The results list provides identifying information about the specific magazine article, so it can be located in the library or requested through interlibrary loan from another library. About 80% of database articles are available in full text (FT) for immediate reading and printing.