Utah State Quarter

Utah State Quarter

The 50 State Quarters® Program

Launched in 1999, the United States Mint's 50 State Quarters Program was a 10-year initiative that honored each of the nation's states in the order that they ratified the Constitution or were admitted into the Union. Each quarter was produced for about 10 weeks and will never be produced again.  State designs are displayed on the reverse (tails) of the quarters, while the obverse design displays the familiar image of George Washington.  But, to accommodate state designs on the reverse, the words "United States of America," "Quarter Dollar," "Liberty," and "In God We Trust" all appear on the obverse.

Utah State Quarter - 2007

Utah is the 45th coin released in the 50 State® Quarter Program and the fifth coin released in 2007. Utah, admitted into the Union January 4, 1896, themed the coin, Crossroads of the West. It highlights two locomotives moving toward the golden spike that join Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroads on May 10, 1869. The coin is inscribed: Crossroads of the West; Utah; 1896; 2007; and E Pluribus Unum. President William J. Clinton was in office when this legislation was signed. Three United States Mint Directors served under President Clinton's tenure; David J. Ryder of Idaho, Philip N. Diehl of Texas, and Jay W. Johnson of Wisconsin.

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On May 10, 2006, Governor Huntsman unveiled the new Utah State Quarter at a historical reenactment of the joining of the Central Pacific and Union Pacific tracks at Promontory Point.

Governor Huntsman Unveils New Quarter - Historical Reenactment