Talent Ready Utah

Talent Ready Utah partners with education and employers across various industries to implement similar workforce development programs that aim to provide students with career exploration while building the talent pipeline for industries who have large economical impacts on the state.

Develop skills to be work ready and start your career in a growing industry, earning a family sustainable wage, while continuing your education debt free. With a partnership between education and industry, Pathways programs prepare students with credentials needed to advance quickly in a variety of industries, opening doors to successful careers and continued education opportunities.

The Talent Ready Apprenticeship Connection (TRAC) seeks to provide high school students with apprenticeship opportunities while earning a college degree.  This model was adapted from the Swiss Apprenticeship model, allowing students to start career training at an earlier age by splitting their time between the classroom and the workplace to maximize their learning experience and get a head start in earning their college degree.

Utah Works provides short-term training for companies needing to hire in a quick amount of time. The program is designed by industry, selecting which courses and training is required. Then, partnering with the Utah System of Higher Education, Utah Works provides training to fill those in-demand positions.