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New Resources Arriving July 1st

We are excited to announce forthcoming enhancements and improvements to Utah's Online Public Library!

Following an extensive review process, the Utah's Online Library RFP committee has selected several new resources to enhance the resources available to Utah's public libraries. These databases will be accessible starting July 1, 2024: Utah's Online Library includes: Utah's Online Public Library (Utah State Library for public libraries), Utah's Online School Library (Utah Education Network for K-12 schools), and Utah's Online Academic Library (Utah Academic Library Consortium for academic libraries).

New additions to the online library include Gale, World Book Online, and CloudSource OA. Gale resources will be available for early access on June 1, 2024. Familiar favorites like Utah Newspapers, LearningExpress Library, Creativebug, ProQuest Global Newsstream, HeinOnline's Utah Session Laws, and, of course, the Libby app will continue to be available. Additionally, we will have new authentication for our databases. All you will need for access is a library card from your local Utah public library.

Beginning July 1, EBSCO databases will no longer be available. To assist libraries and patrons in navigating this change, we’ve created an EBSCO to Gale crosswalk to assist in discovering suitable alternatives within the library.

We are confident that these additions, alongside our existing offerings, will further solidify Utah's Online Public Library as an indispensable resource hub for librarians and residents throughout the state.

Watch for more information about training opportunities and resource support materials in the coming weeks. In the meantime, please email if you have any questions.

A complete list of resources can be found below.

New Resources

Academic OneFile



      Books and Authors

        Business (Gale OneFile)

        Business Insights (Gale Business)

          Chilton Library

            CloudSource OA

              Communications and Mass Media (Gale OneFile)

              Computer Science (Gale OneFile)

                Contemporary Women's Issues (Gale OneFile)

                  Criminal Justice (Gale OneFile)

                    Culinary Arts (Gale OneFile)

                    Diversity Studies (Gale OneFile)

                      Economics and Theory (Gale OneFile)

                        Educator's Reference Complete (Gale OneFile)

                          Elementary (Gale In Context)

                          Entrepreneurship (Gale Business)

                            Entrepreneurship (Gale OneFile)

                              Environmental Studies (Gale In Context)

                                Gale eBooks (Gale eBooks)

                                Gardening and Horticulture (Gale OneFile)

                                  Gender Studies (Gale OneFile)

                                    General OneFile (Gale)

                                      Health and Medicine (Gale OneFile)

                                      Health and Wellness (Gale)

                                        High School (Gale In Context)

                                          High School Edition (Gale OneFile)

                                            Home Improvement (Gale OneFile)

                                            Hospitality and Tourism (Gale OneFile)

                                              Information Science (Gale OneFile)

                                                Informe Academico (Gale OneFile)

                                                  Insurance and Liability (Gale OneFile)

                                                  Leadership and Management (Gale OneFile)

                                                    Middle School (Gale In Context)

                                                      Military and Intelligence (Gale OneFile)

                                                        National Geographic Kids (Gale Presents)

                                                        News (Gale OneFile)

                                                          Nursing and Allied Health (Gale OneFile)

                                                            Opposing Viewpoints (Gale In Context)

                                                              Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine (Gale OneFile)

                                                              Pop Culture Studies (Gale OneFile)

                                                                Popular Magazines (Gale OneFile)

                                                                  Psychology (Gale OneFile)

                                                                    Religion and Philosophy (Gale OneFile)

                                                                    Science (Gale In Context)

                                                                      Science (Gale Interactive)

                                                                        Science (Gale OneFile)

                                                                          U.S. History (Gale OneFile)

                                                                          Vocations and Careers (Gale OneFile)

                                                                            War and Terrorism (Gale OneFile)

                                                                              World Book Online

                                                                                World History (Gale OneFile)